A New Beginning …

It has been a long time since I wrote a post on this blog site. My old blogging platform (not to be named) sucked. It was simply too awkward to use. And it never quite looked right. And it did not integrate well with my main dunnePhoto web site. So I finally bit the bullet and re-vamped the blog to use WordPress as my platform.

But there was a problem. My old web host provider service (not to be name) sucked. And they did not support WordPress. And they were always way behind with the server s/w versions. So I switched to a new hosting provider.

At this point you might as well re-design your web site from scratch. There was a lot that I liked with my old format, but I thought there were a few tweaks that I could do to make it even better.

Over the past week I have been beavering away updating my web site and creating a new blog that integrates with the main site. And I have the site now hosted with my new service provider. You can still find it at my old domain www.dunnephoto.ca.

I have started to populate the new site with some reasonably current material from the old site. And I will be adding more galleries over the coming days and weeks.  And even writing a blog post or two.

Cheers for now … Alan

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